Cliq platform showcases some of New Zealand’s best commercial photographers

Just as many writers are under the pump as editorial budgets shrink, many photographers are having a fairly rough time of it too, with the Chicago Sun Times’ recent decision lay off all its full-time snappers clear evidence of changing times. But it’s not all fire and brimstone, and the world still loves quality imagery, so in an effort to showcase the work of some of New Zealand’s best commercial photographers, the Advertising & Illustrative Photographers Association (AIPA) has launched a new platform called Cliq. 

While most photographers worth their salt already have websites to show off their handiwork, visitors to the new one-stop-shop can find up to date information about recent campaigns, editorials, books, exhibitions and other projects that have been produced by a whole host of top local image makers, such as Tony Drayton, Spid, Charles Howells, Simon Devitt, Ian Robertson, Dean Zillwood, Alistair Guthrie, Lee Howell and Diederik van Heyningen.

In addition to the website, the AIPA has also published the 2013 Cliq Photography Compendium, a premium 240-page photography sourcebook featuring the work of 79 commercial photographers from throughout New Zealand.

 “Cliq has been created to help New Zealand advertising and editorial photographers promote themselves and their recent work,” says AIPA executive director, Aaron K. “But perhaps more importantly, with Cliq we’ve strived to build an essential resource for creative directors, art directors, art buyers, graphic designers, publishers, editors, architects, fashion designers, marketing managers and the like. It’s basically a collection of useful tools that anyone can use to find a great commercial photographer.”

  • In conjunction with Epic Beer, Rekorderlig Cider and Sony New Zealand, the AIPA is holding a Cliq launch party on July 31 at 14 Maidstone Street in Ponsonby at 6:00pm. Each attending creative will receive a complimentary copy of the 2013 Cliq Photography Compendium. Interested attendees should register via email: [email protected]

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