Aegis digs deep into digital with local version of global study

Aegis recently announced its official arrival on the local scene after the merging of Carat and Mitchells. And now it’s announced the local launch of bespoke consumer study, the Consumer Connection System (CCS), which provides insights into how consumers choose and use media in an effort to better connect them with brands. 

The inaugural CCS New Zealand study showed smart phone users are the largest group of content creators in the New Zealand market, with ten percent of them actively authoring online content. This compares to only five percent of tablet users and eight percent of PC users, giving smart phone users the greatest potential to influence their peers. 31 percent of both smart phone and tablet users are participating in online discussions.

“Understanding how user generated content is created and consumed allows Aegis Media to ensure precise communication planning in line with the dynamic media habits of today’s consumer to deliver results for clients,” says Robert Harvey, managing director of media for Aegis Media New Zealand. “CCS will help Aegis Media to specifically understand how New Zealanders are using media such as smart phones and tablets and how brands should be communicating within these channels.”

Originally launched 12 years ago in the UK, CCS has now expanded globally and is available in 40+ countries, accounting for over 90 percent of global advertising expenditure. In APAC, CCS is active in China, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and now New Zealand. It talks to 125,000 consumers in the region and over 250,000 globally and has a strong accent on social and mobile.

“CCS is based on a communications, lifestyle and product survey conducted amongst 3,000 people here in New Zealand,” says Harvey. “It facilitates the consumer-centric philosophy that we apply to strategy and communications. This is combined with insight into our clients’ brands and categories making bespoke consumer segmentations truly actionable through communication.”

Aegis Media businesses include Carat, Catch! Media, iProspect, Apollo, Synergy and Haystac.

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