Adshel puts some LED in Vodafone’s pencil

Adshel has continued its recent streak of outdoor innovations with the release of its new LED advertising display technology, which will feature on selected Adshel Create bus shelters. And Vodafone’s latest campaign to promote the joys of mobile internet is the first to put it to use. 

The campaign, which was conceived by AIM Proximity, SparkPHD and Adshel, will run over five sites in Auckland and Wellington for a period of six months and aims to encourage Vodafone’s internet enabled handset holders to forget about the country’s pesky exorbitant data charges and get online to use the mobile internet the way they want.

To do this, it’s running a series of facts and figures, which will run in a series of five and will be changed out every couple of days, about what we do on and with our mobile phones across the shelters’ fancy new LED screens. For example, “42 percent [of mobile internet users]access the internet on their mobile while eating”; “23 percent have used their mobile to cheat in a pub quiz”; “40 percent would sacrifice their takeout coffee for mobile internet”; or, presumably the most effective statistic, and one that taps into the competitive modern desire to know everything instantly, “45 percent say they’re the first to know something because of mobile internet”.

The data was sourced through proprietary research conducted by AIM Proximity and Vodafone (in the spirit of sharing, you can also participate in the research by filling in the survey on the Vodafone website. And you could even get yourself a swanky smart phone).

Adshel says the LED displays provide advertisers with the opportunity to add continually updated or detailed information to the standard poster panel, as the software offers the flexibility to change the content throughout a campaign, delivering targeted and timely content.

It’s certainly been a fairly busy period for Adshel, with the recent release of Adshel Mobile into the Kiwi market during New Zealand Music Month, a deal being struck up recently with Telecom to use its network of payphones as a new form of outdoor media and a new website/media kit. And, with this LED display technology now in its arsenal, it adds more credence to the claims that more creative use of the out-of-home medium can increase engagement and “deliver impact and interactivity beyond static outdoor”.

The folks on College Hill have already dipped their toes in the outdoor digital ocean: last year, the Taste of Yellow chocolate campaign included three billboards in New Zealand that displayed tweets from the main man Josh as he went on his mysterious chocolate quest.

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