Adshel jingles the bells and whistles with Vodafone Christmas poster

Vodafone has made the most of Adshel’s Immerse product, which uses EL (electroluminscent) paper to give the impression of a Christmas tree lit with neon.

The campaign with Spark PHD and DraftFCB saw the poster illuminate in different parts, with an animation sequence creating the neon sign effect.

Adshel has a range of products other than a standard poster, and this option worked for Vodafone’s creative, says Adshel marketing manager Angela McDougall.

Research carried out for the company in 2011 showed there was a boost in recall of as much of 11 percent for Adshels that use digital or special printing and build techniques, she says.

EL displays use electroluminescent material in between layers of conductors. The material emits radiation in the form of light when an electric current runs through it.

AdShel has many other examples of EL-based campaigns, says McDougall.

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