Adshel Day Buying to give flexibility across its network

Adshel New Zealand has announced the launch of Adshel Day Buying, allowing advertisers the flexibility to buy Adshel Live’s digital roadside network of 223 screens on a given day.

Adshel Day Buying will allow advertisers to effectively communicate time-sensitive messaging, including announcements, events or topical occasions reaching a large-scale audience within a short period, via the scale and coverage of the network.

The launch follows the completion of Adshel Live’s third national network expansion, with 223 digital screens across Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

Adshel’s digital and technology sales manager, Rick Goodwin, praises the work so far, saying agencies have sold in the ‘relevance at scale proposition’ of Adshel Live, with more than 70 percent of campaigns in 2017 tapping into the creative flexibility the digital product offers.

Now, the city and suburban spread of our network, plus the flexibility that day buying brings, opens our medium up to tactical, short-term campaigns that OOH media has previously been unable to deliver at scale.”

Adshel will offer day buying on all 13 of its Adshel Live national and city packs, including The Daily Domination pack, allowing advertisers to own all 223 screens across the four main metros for a day, delivering almost 3.5 million contacts (DTVs) per day.

Adshel’s sales and marketing director, Ben Gibb adds the launch of Day Buying on Adshel Live enables it to play a new role in clients’ channel plan and open up conversations with new advertisers who haven’t previously considered out-of-home media as a tactical medium.

“We’re really excited about the opportunities that will arise in sectors like retail and travel, and we’ll continue to bring more flexibility and innovation to our digital offering in 2018.”

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