Ads of the Week: 9 May

Who’s it for: Chorus by Saatchi & Saatchi

Why we like it: Who among us hasn’t had the displeasure of settling for a subpar service or product? Asking for better isn’t always the easiest thing to do, and Chorus takes this awkward occurrence and runs with it in the most socially relatable way. And remember, the next time the server gives you a sad flat muffin, speak up and ask for the nice plump one you clearly deserve.

Who’s it for: AA Insurance by DDB

Why we like it: Put puppies in capes that say ‘home’ and ‘contents’ and suddenly, insurance makes a whole lot of sense. If the aim of this spot was to make the audience giddy and dream of being inside that room, then it certainly works. What also works is that the ad correctly assumes our apathy for all things insurance related, so who cares what the video’s actually about, right? Let’s just chuck a bunch of sweet dogs on-screen instead. Now we’re wondering if AA Insurance is going to follow this up with a spot for cat fans.

Who’s it for: Adidas Rugby by Augusto

Why we like it: We’re a pretty impatient society nowadays, constantly looking for the next big thing, proving Adidas’ point that ‘next’ really is everything. Fast-paced, frenetic and boldly dynamic, the video’s mixed use of cartoon line drawings and famous sporting faces keeps viewers on the hook. 

Who’s it for: 2degrees by Special Group

Why we like it: For many, their understanding of the internet goes little further than the fact that it somehow exists, but 2degrees is answering those questions for us—even if it is very tongue-and-cheek. It’s a similar idea to its unused data campaign, which saw it ponder where unused data goes. A word of caution to anyone who is particularly gullible though: there aren’t massive, tunnel-like cables under the ground and the internet doesn’t have to take a downward course. But we cannot confirm or deny the use of adrenaline.

Who’s it for: Mexicali Fresh by Y brand

Why we like it: It’s nothing new to learn New Zealand is a melting pot of cultures—it only takes a quick walk through Auckland’s CBD to see it—but it’s not often we hear about it from the perspective of those who have moved here. This spot celebrates the country’s cultural diversity as well the diverse cultures that make up Mexicali Fresh. It may be a place we enjoy going to satisfy cravings our burrito cravings, but this spot shows the restaurant chain is more than just that, and it’s enough to make you stop and take a minute to consider how lucky we are to live here.

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