Ads of the week: 9 February

Who’s it for: Westpac by DDB

Why we like it: We like that Westpac has changed things up and taken a more serious tone (after all Richie McCaw has got to be tired of being followed around by Tim by now). The slow-motion, reverse visual effects at the beginning of the clip are quite stunning and the beautiful Queenstown landscape adds a sense of mood and drama to the clip. We also like the backwards and forwards metaphor to get the message across, and how the voiceover follows suit, as the clip reaches its climax, the script is reversed, turning every negative statement into a positive one. 

Who’s it for: VW by FCB

Why we like it: It’s not easy to win the heart of the public again after the scale of scandal VW had. But the once-adored car brand is trying, and has brought in a nice connection to its Olympic sponsorship, accentuating its connection with Heartland New Zealand through sailors Peter Burling and Blair Tuke. There’s also nothing like a bit of schadenfreude to get people giggling, with a bit of slapstick humour to boot.

Who’s it for: Anchor by Colenso BBDO

Why we like it: We’ve got to say, this ad looks like a trailer to a really good film and we’re a bit bummed there is no movie to look forward to, but we will get to find out more about the amazing individuals which feature in the clip. We like the drama, the music and the build up and that it pushes the idea that we can give anything a go (after a decent glass of milk, of course).

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