Ads of the Week: 8 August

Who’s it for: Haier by Sherson Willis and Useful Films.

Why we like it: This spot provides a poignant reminder of the devastation that hit Edgecumbe earlier this year when the banks of  Rangitaiki River burst, with The Block NZ 2016 People’s Choice Award winners Dyls and Dylz stepping in to lend a hand. Over three days, the pair, with the help of the Haier Help team, restore the playground of Patutaatahi Kohanga Reo, giving some joy back to the kids of the region.  

Who’s it for: Les Mills by Motion Sickness

Why we like it: There’s no hiding the fact the Les Mills Grit class is a high-intensity workout in this spot. The slow-motion aesthetic shows sweat glistening and in some cases pouring off the bodies of those working out and their faces show a look of determination to push through the challenge. Meanwhile, the well-considered music perfectly fits the combination of the slow-motion and real-time shots to act as a reminder that Les Mills takes pride in the soundtracks it uses for classes to motivate and inspire those who take part.

Who’s it for: Mercury by FCB

Why we like it: When Mercury first rolled out the ‘Energy Made Simple’ campaign last year, there was one woman riding an e-bike. Since then others have caught the bug, and we now have a swarm of e-bike riders of all ages easily scaling the city’s hills. And it all plays out to infectiously positive tune.   

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