Ads of the Week: 7 November

Who’s it for:  Fonterra by Colenso BBDO 

Why we like it: Earlier this year, Fonterra took a look at how its products are benefiting people around the world in its ‘From here to Everywhere‘ campaign, and now it’s shining the light on the New Zealanders who make it all possible. The delightful trio of children featured in the video link up a number of jobs that each work to produce Fonterra’s products and to go deeper, the video has since been joined by a series of shorter videos that go into New Zealand’s regions to see how each contributes to the company’s success.

Who’s it for: Tip Top Ice Cream by Colenso BBDO

Why we like it: Who needs ice cream emoji when you have the real thing? With social media just a click away, we share so much of our lives online and the ‘Good to Share’ campaign is Tip Top’s attempt to secure a place in those shared moments. The playful campaign watches people enjoying a variety of Top Top ice creams, which is sure to get the audience salivating and associating the brand with good times this summer.

Who’s it for:  Farmers by FCB 

Why we like it: A StopPress commenter summed up why we liked the ad by pointing out that it’s “gorgeous” and can bring a tear to the eye. The 60-second heartfelt story fits in plenty of opportunities for the audience to relate, with a grumpy old man who’s actually a big softie, tired parents doing their best for their family, and a naughty kid who pulls off a good deed in the end. It’s a step away from Farmers’ traditional retail approach and has us excited for other Christmas ads to come.

Who’s it for: Air New Zealand by FCB

Why we like it: Did you figure out that this mockumentary was actually an ad for Air New Zealand? Among his explanation of plane spotting, Terry, the vice president of the NZ Plane Spotters Association, makes a few jabs at Jetstar for reducing its regional flights and reputation for delaying and cancelling flights. Meanwhile, Air New Zealand and its “black beauties” are praised for always being there. Since being shared in September, the video has racked up over 600,000 views on social media and we’re not surprised. What’s not to love about Terry, Christine and their passion for plane spotting?

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