Ads of the week: 7 June

Who’s it for: Sovereign by Chemistry Interaction and Fish Clips. 

Why we like it: We like how Sovereign tried something a bit different to push its health insurance. This ad may be the wake up call some Kiwis need to start looking after their health. The genuine reactions of those in the clip who undergo an age transformation might get audiences thinking about their own health age. On the flip side, it’s good to see a 63-year-old transformed into a 52-year-old to prove that those who look after themselves will (hopefully) reap the benefits.

Who’s it for: Wendy’s by Augusto

Why we like it: We’ve got to say, it takes real concentration not to Homer Simpson-style drool on the keyboard while writing about this ad. Nothing says delicious like a burger oozing with goodness. We wonder what washes out easier – grass stains or Wendy’s burger stains? At least the latter might provide The Warriors with some extra sustenance during the game.

Who’s it for: Kiwibank by Assignment Group

Why we like it: What do Kiwi kids know about money? Not much apparently. But it makes them all the more cute. Kids have shared their thoughts on a number of topics for campaigns but listening to what their vast imaginations dream up never seems to get old. With rapidly rising house prices we sure hope the tooth fairy and “money man” have enough to go around.

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