Ads of the week: 5 April

Who’s it for: Noel Leeming by FCB

Why we like it: All teens can relate to wanting some independence while all parents will know the struggle of wanting to remain in touch with their kids. These two ideas make this ad relatable to both parties. Also, unlike other campaigns that poke at parents for being technologically challenged, there is no mockery in this ad, much like Slingshot’s recent spot

Who’s it for: Speight’s by DDB and The Sweet Shop

Why we like it: Most of us have unfinished projects, DIY or no, and this second installment in the campaign puts a positive spin on what could otherwise be an unwanted reminder to get a move on. As winter approaches, the chance of DIYers picking up the tools and spending an afternoon in the backyard building is declining, but the ad suggests it may be worth it for a hoppy reward and a chance to hang out with your mates. 

Who’s it for: The Warehouse by DDB

Why we like it: Never has anyone been so excited by a lamp. Usually it’s kids who are seen running riot through the retailer, eyeing up the cheap toys, but as the ad suggests, adults are just as capable of losing it over a deal. And let’s face it, we’ve all wanted to dive into a giant pile of stuffed toys. We like how the ad plays on The Warehouse’s long-standing tagline ‘Where everyone gets a bargain’ in a fun and creative way while also showing off its range of product offerings.

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