Ads of the week: 4 September

Who’s it for: Spark by Colenso BBDO

Why we like it: Watch out parents – the kids are on to you. This clever, well-crafted and hilarious ad by Colenso BBDO hits home, with those little white lies parents tell their children being subjected to fact-checking – with the help of technology and voice assistance. While it’s a bit worrying to think young kids know their way around a mobile phone, the power and future is definitely in their hands. 

Who’s it for: LifeDirect by Y&R

Why we like it: Using the death of a cartoon sloth called Simon could be a strange premise for an ad, but works for LifeDirect and the insurance angle. It gets the point about needing to be insured across effectively and simply, with a bit of shock and drama added into the mix. It will be interesting to see what direction the LifeDirect ads go in now with the death of its mascot.

Who’s it for: Loyalty New Zealand by DDB

Why we like it: We’ve been singing ‘Flash’ by Queen since this ad launched. With a good song and a flash choir, this ad is enjoyable and fun. While it doesn’t go into depth about the new rewards programme, it’s a different look for Flybuys and one that is sure to get people watching. 

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