Ads of the week: 31 May

Who’s it for: House of Travel by Colenso BBDO and Exit Films

Why we like it: As we brace ourselves for winter, the idea of a holiday provides some relief. It’s refreshing to see a travel as that doesn’t shout prices and package deals, instead it captures what a holiday is all about, relaxing and making memories. While the ad is nice enough to look at, we wish we were among the lucky few who got to have a holiday as a result of this ad being created.

Who’s it for: Huggies New Zealand by Ogilvy

Why we like it: What a way to melt viewers’ hearts. Not only does this ad have the cute factor going for it, with a toddler giving a baby a hug and a daughter lying on her father’s chest, it’s informative too. We lead busy, fast-paced lives and everyone can benefit from the message to make time for hugs.

Who’s it for: Cheers by Y&R NZ

Why we like it: Both parents and teens can relate to the cringe factor associated with the sex talk, and it’s humorous to see it applied to another issue. While many teens would react by blocking their ears or walking away, it’s good to see the ad encouraging them to listen, even if it does result in some uncomfortable facial expressions.

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