Ads of the week: 3 April

Who is it for: Wellington’s Regional Economic Development Agency by Wrestler 

Why we like it: Wellington is a special place and this ad recognises the openness and creativity of our capital city by illustrating the fact we may not just be the person we appear on the surface – one could be a teacher that skateboards or a farmer who likes to perform in drag. The campaign is targeting Kiwis and this spot should get people to visit and embrace the city and hopefully their true selves.

Who is it for: Panasonic by Lemonade

Why we like it: Kiwis have always appreciated mockumentaries (Forgotten Silver anyone?) and the weather is always in discussion, be it rain or shine. For its latest ad, Panasonic has combined the two, bringing in actor Jonny Brugh (from another hilarious mockumentary What We Do in the Shadows) as ex-weatherman Ray Morningside who is on a mission to wipe out ‘Weather Waffle’. With weather chat being close to the most boring chat possible we support Morningside on his journey.

Who is it for: Toyota by Saatchi & Saatchi

Why we like it: Buying a car is never an easy task with many worries and decisions to contemplate until handing the cash over. Toyota is hoping to change that with its ‘Drive Happy Project’. The five animated monsters from Toyota – such as the ‘pressure to buy before its gone’ bother to the ‘I’ve got to learn to haggle or I walk’ bother – inject a little humour and fantasy into an area that generally only brings stress and a few new grey hairs. 

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