Ads of the Week: 29 May

Who’s it for: Mazda by 99

Why we like it: Another week, another ute advertisement. This time the BT-50 has graced us with its manly presence, thanks to Mazda and 99. The ad shows off the ute in all of its glory, as it climbs over green pastures, drifts over muddy terrain and glides on the open road. Mazda puts the BT in the BT-50, fashioning the ute for beach trips, boat transport, bovine and other activities using the acronym BT.

Who’s it for: Fisher & Paykel by Alt Group

Why we like it: Fisher & Paykel and Alt Group have released its flashy new spot, which blends impressive design with crisp videography. The ad showcases Fisher & Paykel’s new kitchen appliance range, as it continues to make its mark as a premium international brand. The footage spotlights the new features of Fisher & Paykel’s kitchenware, from the coffee machine to the refrigerator. The imagery is coupled by what some would describe as ambient instrumental music.

Who is it for: Monteith’s by Colenso BBDO

Why we like it: Colenso BBDO and Monteith’s latest campaign communicates heritage without sacrificing a contemporary feel. The thirty-second black and white montage, filmed in 16mm film, is both nostalgic and familiar. The ad showcases three groups, The Litas, a group of female motorcyclists, The Spearos, a group of spearfishing fans, and Auckland band Sal Valentine, who all enjoy a Monteith’s brew in different settings. It’s an ode to Kiwi culture, and is filmed in iconic spots such as the old Puhoi Pub.

Who’s it for: Rogue Society by Motion Sickness

Why we like it: Madeleine Sami and Jackie van Beek are fresh off their new Kiwi film, The Breaker Upperers, and are on the gin to celebrate. Scapegrace and Motion Sickness have teamed up with the pair of actors, to release a retro spot, marketing the gun which is ‘made up of hundreds of thousands of millions of different ingredients’. The spot is done authentically, offering up a vintage style, and is filled with hyperbole and unorthodox humour. Further features are its macaroni cheese flavoured backdrop, a bevvy of ancient film effects, and a background jingle, which reminds us of the monotonous ringtone of an old Nokia brick. Furthermore, the quirky spot has been endorsed by NZ film gentleman, Taika Waititi, who shared it across his Instagram network. 

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