Ads of the week: 28 June

Who’s it for: Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency by Special Ad Service and Resn

Why we like it: Who knew sultry poetry delivered by a man wearing a cravat and a number of gold rings could be a way to sell Wellington to New Zealanders. We appreciate how this campaign has taken a real personal approach by allowing people to customise the message to loved ones and we had fun creating our own in the office. A compliment about someone’s ‘powerful thighs’ has never sounded so nice.

Who’s it for: Fly Buys by Clemenger BBDO

Why we like it: Good thinking Jim. Despite being a little bit awkward, the situation of someone sitting at their computer looking at the screen in awe of the wondrous product the internet is offering up for sale looks all too familiar. Now we know who to blame for our encouraging us to make those unnecessary purchase choices. Ourselves. 

Who’s it for: NZI by Young & Shand

Why we like it: The spot is reminiscent of the ‘You wouldn’t steal a car’ video that used to play before movies, however NZI has added humour into the mix (much like Dave Chappelle did in his ‘If the internet was a real place’ skit). Recreating online behaviour in real life situations makes people think about the consequences while also being entertained.

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