Ads of the week: 27 March

Who is it for: TVNZ by Assignment

Why we like it: It’s not long until we are glued to the television to watch the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games. The first phase of the official New Zealand broadcaster TVNZ’s campaign features five young athletes partaking in their events before being shown suspended in a crucial moment. Any sporting fan knows just how much of a difference that moment can make so it’s a nice way to get audiences ready for the excitement, thrills, failures and successes at the games.

Who is it for: Go Healthy by Y&R

Why we like it: Who can go past someone dressed as a poodle walking a poodle? This was one of the stranger examples Go Healthy gave of celebrating individuality and ‘living your best life’ in its latest campaign but it definitely caught our eye. It’s hard to sell supplements without banging on about their health properties so it goes down a humorous route – with some beautiful shots of New Zealand and the people who make it so. 

Who is it for: Sky TV by Hello

Why we like it: With Joseph Parker’s fight against Anthony Joshua in Cardiff on Sunday, Sky TV wants to get New Zealanders to share their messages of support – and who better to help that than Parker’s mum? Sharing how “her boy” from Mangere has got to where he has today, her fears of not wanting him to get hurt and how the support for him has grown from just his parents and family to those beyond in New Zealand and Samoa makes for quite an emotional, and different type of boxing, ad as the event looms. 

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