Ads of the Week: 26 March

Who’s it for:  Motion Sickness by Motion Sickness

Why we like it: This is a meta edition of Ads of the Week, with agencies advertising themselves and this showreel from Motion Sickness is very on brand. With high production values, it is aspirational, epic and diverse. The aim of the game with this is to celebrate creativity and Motion Sickness announces it by saying “these shots are more than just pretty pictures, they represent a larger journey — with all of the highs and lows”.

Who’s it for: DDB by DDB Worldwide

Why we like it: They do say a change is as good as a holiday, and refreshing a look can be as exciting to a brand as it is to an individual. DDB is looking to the future with its latest visual transformation, while also reflecting on the past. Another brand to celebrate creativity, DDB brings things back to its three founders in both the new logo and this campaign – celebrating what makes DDB, DDB. While it was created for the international rebranding launch, some New Zealand creative gets a shout-out, including a fan-favourite: Lotto’s ‘Armoured Truck‘.

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