Ads of the Week: 26 January

Who’s it for: Lewis Road Creamery by Problem Child and Exposure 

Why we like it: You don’t always have to be serious when selling a premium product. And in sticking with the irreverence seen in its ‘Breast Milk‘ campaign, Lewis Road Creamery keeps its tongue firmly in its cheek with a pair of spots showing that even suited gents or posh ladies can’t help but embrace their inner child when a tasty dairy product presents itself.   

Who’s it for: Mount Franklin by Saatchi & Saatchi  

Why we like it: We’re a bit late on the uptake of this one released in October last year, but Mount Franklin’s insane spot provides a reminder of how advertising can take what is quite possibly the most boring product in the world and turn it into a compelling story. And this spot definitely gets bonus points for the glorious blue suit worn so effortlessly by the protagonist in the desert, underwater and in the bar.         

Who’s it for: Flick Electric by Double Denim and  Bevin Linkhorn.

Why we like it: Funny Girl’s Laura Daniel, drag performer Amanda la’Whore and Wellington actor Abby Damen help Flick Electric to show consumers how they can save money through the energy company by using appliances during off-peak times. It’s encouraging to see that the company has taken a progressive approach to its marketing, using an all-female cast and allowing them to show their quirkier sides.      

Who’s it for: Air New Zealand by True and Exposure Films

Why we like it: As our recent discussion with composer Peter van der Fluit illustrated, a good soundtrack can go a long way in terms of lifting the story being told in an ad. And this is again proven to be the case with Air New Zealand’s deployment of ‘Do you remember’ by Jarryd James carrying the relatively simple idea all the way through. No doubt the airline is again setting itself up to receive thousands of applications from Kiwis keen to earn a living while flying from one destination to the next. 

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