Ads of the week: 23 August


Who’s it for: Whittaker’s by Assignment Group

Why we like it: If anything, Whittaker’s launch of its new K Bar chocolate has reinforced the message that campaigns now stretch much further than just a TVC or a billboard. Whittaker’s has gone above and beyond, creating video material, and a 1950s-style, milk bar pop-pop shop on Wellington’s Cuba Street, which had nostalgia chasers lining up down the street just to get a glimpse inside. A top effort from Whittaker’s.

Who’s it for: Hallenstein Brothers by Lach & Friends.

Why we like it: We like Hallenstein Brothers’ idea of juxtaposing its High Performance suits with high performance activity. It’s also a good move to use social media star Jay Alvarrez who who will no doubt share the clip with his legion of fans, and who fits the bill with his own interest in high octane sports. 

Who’s it for: Cavalier Bremworth by Federation

Why we like it: Carpet isn’t exactly the most exciting product to market, with ads easily falling into stereotypes of happy families sitting in front of fireplaces on seemingly plushy, soft carpet. But Cavalier has made things more interesting by aligning carpet with fashion and creating this abstract and mesmerising spot which is far more attention arresting than the usual carpet ad tropes.

Who’s it for: Mainland NZ by Colenso BBDO

Why we like it: Anyone who doesn’t like this ad, has no heart. Who could resist the very sweet Bob Eggerton and his sincere but not quite on-the-mark attempts to impress his longtime sweetheart Millie Pullman. The ad has clearly struck a chord with the New Zealand public too, with there being strong evidence of melted hearts on the video’s comments on Facebook. It’s also refreshing to see an older cast amongst the sea of youth-geared ads we are fronted with daily.  

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