Ads of the week: 22 November

Who’s it for: 2degrees by Special Group 

Why we like it: Beware of falling data when you are out and about over summer. Kiwis have already proven their enthusiasm for hunting by going Pokemon Go crazy, so it’s a clever idea for 2degrees to ride off the coattails of that hype. It’s also been clever to allow customers of other telcos to play because the challenge is hard to resist and finding enough data might be enough of a sway to change over.

Who’s it for: ASB by Saatchi & Saatchi

Why we like it: Horizontal credit cards have been the standard since the 1970s, but considering how much has changed since then – hair, fashion, music and cameras – it’s surprising credit cards have remained resilient. But, considering we now turn them to the side to use the chips and insert them, making that rotation permanent seems a no-brainer. Almost as much of a no-brainer as cutting off the ‘man bun’ trend, which we are glad to see this ad farewell.

Who’s it for: Countdown by Ogilvy

Why we like it: The Christmas feast provides the perfect activity for supermarkets to get on board and champion their holiday advertising, and this Countdown spot has taken a unique approach. It celebrates New Zealander’s diversity as well as Christmas, by including a number of families enjoying different meals, from a turkey to a noodle dish, to ham and a barbeque.

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