Ads of the Week: 20 September

Who’s it for: HSBC by JWT London and The Sweet Shop (Louis Sutherland)

Why we like it: While this one aired in the UK rather than in the local market, it was the deft directorial touch of The Sweet Shop’s Kiwi director Louis Sutherland that brought it to life. As far as storytelling goes, this spot gets everything right. An infectious soundtrack, a beautiful setting and a brilliant protagonist you can’t help but root for all come together in a 60-second narrative that pastes itself to your memory bank. 

Who’s it for: Skoda Australia by DDB Sydney and Finch (Jae Morrison)

Why we like it: Another international spot shot by a local talent. This time we’re treated to the cheeky work of Finch director Jae Morrison, who takes us through a drive across the Kiwi landscape to illustrate the ridiculousness of most car ads. The spot catches viewers off-guard by saying exactly what most of us have been thinking all this time. We can only hope that a few other car brands watch and learn from this example.    

Who’s it for: Stoptober by Young & Shand, Inspiring Ltd and Fish & Clips (Petra Cibilich)

Why we like it: Smokers know how bad the habit is for them, and repeating all the warnings over and over again isn’t going to do much to change their minds. So, instead of repeating this strategy, Stoptober is calling on the support of family members to help smokers kick the butt this holiday. It’s a slightly different approach, in this instance cleverly delivered through rolled up messages slotted into a cigarette box.   

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