Ads of the Week: 20 February

Who’s it for: Fire and Emergency New Zealand by FCB

Why we like it: While it may take a second or two to realise the sleeping people in the ad have no noses, the print campaign ‘Senseless’ is a striking example of bringing a little-known fact—that we lose our sense of smell in our sleep—to life with an important safety message. Including those in our community that would be most vulnerable, a baby and an elderly woman for example, the campaign hammers home the message of making sure we, and our families, have a fire alarm installed.

Who’s it for: Lotto New Zealand by DDB

Why we like it: The third instalment in Lotto’s Imagine series is a heist with a heart. A well-told and rather brilliant ad, ‘Amoured truck’ starts with two armoured truck drivers riffing over what they would do if they had all the money in their van, with trips overseas and Aston Martins a dream away. As they drive around the city, the driver proposes doing what we all secretly wish we could – drive away with the cash. As he puts the pedal to the metal, his passenger is terrified at the thought of going to jail but it’s all a ploy for the driver to reveal that dreams come too and the pair have won Lotto. Cue heartfelt celebrations and an even nicer feeling to know it’s based on the true story of Kiwi lad who won and split the millions with his best mate as promised.

Who it’s for: ASB Bank by True

Why we like it: Mixing contemporary and historical achievements, from landing on the moon to the creation of fire, ASB Bank asks ‘how do you measure progress?’ in this fast-paced and upbeat ad. ‘From millimetres to mouthfuls’ realises individuals see progress in different ways, be it in health or music, instead of just the acquisition of material possessions or wealth. As part of the bank’s ‘One Step Ahead’ platform, it acknowledges each person is shooting for a different star.

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