Ads of the week: 19 July

Who’s it for: Tourism New Zealand by Whybin\TBWA Sydney, with Robber’s Dog Auckland

Why we like it: James Cameron and his family have a home in New Zealand (where he filmed Avatar) and having him share his personal experiences while exploring the country in the spot adds huge value to the campaign. The 100 percent Pure campaign has done well at promoting the country’s beautiful landscapes and it’s refreshing to see them from the perspective of someone who’s not a local.

Who’s it for: High Performance Sport New Zealand by Augusto

Why we like it: This spot featuring Eliza McCartney is one of two (the other features Hamish Bond) that shows how much preparation Olympians undergo to build up to the games. Slow motion shots and sweat dripping from McCartney’s forehead emphasises the skill, effort and concentration involved to make it into the games, let alone win a medal.

Who’s it for: AMI by Colenso BBDO

Why we like it: The word ‘insurance’ has the ability to elicit a number of different reactions: from yawning, to confusion to rage. This ad, pushing its Renters Insurance, does a good job of making insurance seem a little simpler and more digestible by using an entertaining animation showing all the possible misfortunes that can be encountered while renting. We wonder if the insurance covers damages incurred while playing Pokemon Go.

Who’s it for: My Food Bag by Saatchi & Saatchi, directed by Paolo Rotondo from Flying Fish

Why we like it: Who better to be the unofficial representative of Kiwi kids than Hunt for The Wilder People’s charming Julian Dennison. Dennison is no stranger to ads and he’s just as charismatic in this as he is in others. We’re sure Kiwi kids will soon be demanding Bargain Boxes after seeing they have Dennison’s seal of approval. 

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