Ads of the week: 17 May

Who’s it for: Powershop by Special Group

Why we like it: While there has been a bit of an over saturation of cute kids in ads over the past year, we like that this approach is different. The reappropriation of some of Trump’s most famous lines to the mouths of little kids really highlights the ridiculousness of Trump’s ideas and oratory capacity. We also like that Powershop has kept up its satirical style.

Who’s it for: Uber by Frontside

Why we like it: We think this is a pretty clever idea from Uber, using its own start up to foster other potential start ups in partnership with Tech Week. We’d sure love to be in the driver’s seat overhearing the ideas from the business thinkers in the city. 

Who’s it for: Air New Zealand by its in-house team and Reel Factory

Why we like it: We like how Air New Zealand is never afraid to serve a good helping of humour with its ads and how it identified the perfect opportunity for a parody (of a parody) of the viral ‘Activewear’ video released by Skit Box last year. The song’s certainly been stuck in our heads over the past week. 

Who’s it for: Kiwibank by Orange Productions and Sprout TV

Why we like it: Who can resist a feel good video? While it may be a little cheesy, we like the approach. In a difficult climate for home-owners and home-buyers alike, it’s nice to see this couple become $50,000 less burdened by their mortgage. We also like that Kiwibank’s marketing tactics are keeping with its brand ethos, showing it practicing what it preaches. 

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