Ads of the Week: 17 January

Who’s it for: NZTA by Clemenger BBDO

Why we like it: Over the last few years, Clemenger BBDO has produced such a consistent stream of good work for NZTA that we’ve come to expect each new campaign to hit us in the gut or make us laugh out loud. This one does neither. Instead, the new campaign aims directly for the feels by reminding us that every extra kilometre is directly proportional to harm caused in an accident. It’s a poignant salute to the drivers who prefer to take it slow.    

Who’s it for: The Warehouse by DDB

Why we like it: The Warehouse borrows a few classic sports advertising tropes as it announces another year behind the desks for the nation’s school kids. It’s refreshing to see a bit of emotion introduced into a advertising period that’s usually typified by little more than a hard sell.            

Who’s it for: Warehouse Stationery by 99

Why we like it: Warehouse Stationery has been getting kids ready for school for 25 years, and this year the marketing team decided to add a bit of humour to the comms mix via a series of online videos, providing guidelines on what kids shouldn’t do as they head back to school. In addition to generating a few laughs, the short clips also provide a nice tie-in to Warehouse Stationery’s ‘We do doing‘ positioning launched last year.  

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