Ads of the week: 14 June

Who’s it for: Church Road Winery by Ogilvy Auckland and Cirkus

Why we like it: It’s not often we watch an ad and are in awe of its beauty. Not only is it pleasant to watch, it’s supported by an equally engaging poem about the winery and its wine. In a world of extensive post-production and special effects, the 2D spot and its hand-drawn frames offer some refreshment.

Who’s it for: The New Zealand Blood Service by Milk & Honey and Young & Shand

Why we like it: Rather than pushing people to donate blood, this campaign celebrates those who have donated blood by giving the survivors the opportunity to say ‘thanks’. Surely there’s nothing more motivating to give blood than hearing the true stories of those who needed it most, and putting a face to the lives donating can save.

Who’s it for: 2degrees 

Why we like it: It’s good to see 2degrees celebrating inclusively, albeit in a nonsensical way using hybrid animals. There are some some pretty odd combinations, including a man-dog and child-shark, but it’s these quirks that make the spot entertaining. 

Who’s it for: ANZ by True

Why we like it: And here we have another ad driven by an inspirational poem. In the lead up to the Olympics, it’s good to see a celebration of past and present New Zealand athletes, as well as potential future Olympians represented by a young child’s voice. Seeing this year’s Olympians training alongside a clip of Hamish Carter standing on the podium receiving his gold medal serves as a nice reminder of what Kiwi athletes can achieve in Rio.

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