Ads of the Week: 13 December

Who’s it for: Paspaley Pearls by Special Group

Why we like it: Like most beauty and fashion ads, ‘Life Needs Adventure’ fills the screen with beautiful people. But it also manages to tell a story, showing that pearls can be for both younger and older generations. Imbued with a playful feel that sees French actress Nora Arnezeder and her companion document their antics on their smartphones—a behaviour typical of younger women—it’s a great continuation of the agency’s previous work for the brand.

Who’s it for: Spark by Colenso BBDO

Why we like it: You’d think after years of experience, Rudolph wouldn’t need to practice his flying. But according to Spark he does, as last week it live streamed the reindeer’s test flight over New Zealand. While it’s not your typically jingle-filled Christmas campaign, the 29 minute video is a great way to get Kiwis into the Christmas spirit while showcasing some of the country’s landscape from a new perspective. So far it’s racked up 280,000 views,1373 shares and 1000 comments as viewers try to identify the locations Rudolph is flying over. One did point out that at that rate, Santa won’t exactly be making his Christmas deadline.

Who’s it for: Rebel Sport by Ogilvy

Why we like it: Rebel Sport’s ‘What’s your Why‘ campaign has been serving up inspiration for the last couple of months and this video is no exception. Maioro Barton was born with spina bifida, which has left him wheelchair bound. However, that hasn’t stopped him achieving greatness as a Waikato wheelchair basketball player, a New Zealand U20 wheelchair basketball player, a wheelchair bodybuilder and a World IWAS junior track and field silver medalist. Throughout the near two-minute long video, Barton shares his experiences in getting to where he is today and his final line, ‘if you can’t stand up, stand out’, is a perfect end to his inspirational story about resilience. 

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