Ads of the Week: 12 July—UPDATED

Who’s it for: ANZ by True

Why we like it: The poem has featured in previous ANZ ads in the build up to the Olympics but this ad has a fresh approach as it promotes an app, developed by Gladeye, for ANZ and the New Zealand Olympic Committee. The Kiwi team members looking up to the sky and seeing messages written in the stars is representative of the app, which allows Kiwis to send messages to their favourite Olympians all the way from home. 

Who’s it for: Trade Me by DDB

Why we like it: This spot takes Trade Me in a new brand direction by creating an emotional connection to the auction site Kiwis have grown so familiar with. It demonstrates how Trade Me has become engrained in Kiwis’ lives, both those in search of something new and those ready to part ways with an item. This spot definitely gets bonus points for the level of difficulty involved in its production, in that it features 60 scenes shot across 10 different locations. 

Who’s it for: Heart of the City by Colenso BBDO

Why we like it: This video is one of 50 featuring secrets from around Auckland including where to hear the best live music, where to get a Buffalo milk coffee and where to get a cut throat shave. The campaign lets Aucklanders see a different side of their city as well as showing tourists what it has to offer.

Who’s it for: Toyota by Saatchi & Saatchi

Why we like it: It’s always refreshing to see the faces of those behind a product, though it has become a bit of an advertising trend lately. This spot has a particularly nostalgic feel to it as the director, Kevin Denholm, is also responsible for a similar ad over a decade ago, also featuring the Thames staff doing a tour of the plant.

Who’s it for: Realestate.co.nz by Bcg2 and Mediacom

Why we like it: The Realestate.co.nz account shifted across to Bcg2 and Mediacom in November last year, and the company has released its first campaign via the new partners. In a time when the property market makes buying a new home seem an impossible feat for some, this ad puts excitement back into the process.

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