Ads of the Week: 10 October

Who’s it for: Woodstock by TBWA Group NZ

Why we like it: In New Zealand, it’s not uncommon for a guitar to be pulled out during a social gathering and a few tunes—think ’10 Guitars’—played for all to hear. But what’s not as expected is a beanie-wearing man, surrounded by his tattoo-laden friends, to open his mouth and start a singalong to The Tokens’ ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’. The surprising singalong is a clever way to announce Woodstock’s new softer range of Ginger Beer and Bourbon and Crisp Apple flavours. 

Who’s it for: Vodafone by FCB and WPP agencies MEC, Santo, Brand Union and Kantar

Why we like it: To announce its rebrand and new slogan, ‘The future is exciting. Ready?’, Vodafone has gone back to where human communication started before accelerating into the future. The montage of clips, centred on the idea of saying ‘hello’, travels the world to show how it was done in the past and will be done in the future, as well as what different cultures do, with New Zealand making an appearance throughout. It’s nice to see the inclusion of Māori culture to localise a version of an international campaign as well as a cameo of the much-loved protagonist Piggy-Sue.

Who’s it for: AMI Insurance by Colenso BBDO

Why we like it:  AMI is on a mission to show New Zealanders what a safer world would look like. By styling the protagonist ‘Rollergirl’ like a character from the 80s, the spot makes a nod to a time when children would leave the house to play in the streets. According to a 2014 Slate article, the leash around children has been consistently shortening since the 70s and children have less freedom to roam than their parents. By ending its TVC with the line ‘Together, we can make our world a little safer’, AMI is showing its commitment to making a difference in society and we hope the audience responds to the encouragement to join in.

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