Ads of the week: 10 May

Who’s it for: Volkswagen by FCB

Why we like it: We’ve all been there, stuck in a car awkwardly waiting because we arrived too early. Nice to know that even our Olympians have some weird ways to pass the time. It’s a clever take on traditional ads that show cars zooming around with VW showing that the car is fast without breaking any laws in the process.

Who’s it for: Flick Electric Co. 

Why we like it: It’s not often an ad can hold our attention for two minutes and even make us laugh, so well done Flick Electric Co. However, in regard to the suggestions to save power we probably won’t be going to those limits. It’s bad enough to keep the neighbours awake with car headlights through the window, but imagine if they are amongst the ever growing pool of greenies in society. It’s not worth the risk.

Who’s it for: VTNZ by Assignment Group and MBM

Why we like it: It’s refreshing to see actual staff in an ad and as one StopPress commenter said, it makes the effort appear genuine. VTNZ wanted change the tone and add warmth with the ad, and what better way to do it than with the classic dad dance moves and karaoke-with-a-flashlight.

Who’s it for: Kiwibank by Assignment Group and Finch

Why we like it: Suddenly felt very guilty about Kiwi Saver contributions watching this ad. Nothing says ‘think about your future’ more than an old, grey haired version of yourself. The pants humour at the end makes for some welcome cheer following the daunting message. This spot also ties in nicely to the online calculator tool the bank has released to help customers make more informed decisions. 

Who’s it for: Gem by FutureBrand.

Why we like it: When a finance lender is grilling you about why you want to take out a loan, it’s unlikely you would fess up to such Yeti dreams. But who knows, maybe this is Gem’s way of telling us it won’t judge. 

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