Ads of the Week: 1 November

Who’s it for: Kiwibank by Assignment Group

Why we like it: Kiwibank superimposes its customers onto iconic local landmarks to differentiate its brand from the foreign-owned competition. It’s a strong message delivered by those who matter most to the bank.   

Who’s it for: Steinlager by DDB and Goodoil

Why we like it: Beer ads don’t get much stranger, or more exhilirating, than this. Performing on the streets of Tokyo, The Bradas put on a hell of show whether in human form or wrapped in CGI. It’s non-stop entertainment that ties in cleverly with the positioning of the product as Kiwi on the inside and Japanese on the outside.  

Who’s it for: Meadow Fresh by Shine

Why we like it: It’s good to see Meadow Fresh had its priorities in order when creating the new milk because dinosaur fluffys are a necessity. But better than a frothy milk drink is the young girl’s description of an acid-spitting dinosaur with a big stick-like horn on its head, and her father’s absolute bewilderment. Kids may say the darndest things, but it always works in an ad.

Who’s it for: Hallenstein Brothers by Lachlan McPherson and Friends.

Why we like it: If you ever find yourself in a business meeting, or a wedding in the Amazon, it’s good to know a Hallenstein’s suit would stand up to the task. This spot is the perfect hype builder for summer, with the water activities and party scenes. Football player Stephen James and models Tyler Wood, Austin Victoria and Dean Bartlett aren’t that bad to look at either. 

Who’s it for: Wendy’s by Augusto

Why we like it: Wendy’s brings a collection of tough guys to tears in this tongue-in-cheek spot, which comes complete with a moving ballad that just adds to the overall absurdity of it all. No doubt there will be a few punters lining up to see if they’re capable of holding back the tears when chewing on of these tongue burners. 

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