Ads of the week: 1 May

Who’s it for: Lotto by New Zealand Film Commission

Why we like it: While it is a thank you to Lotto players from the NZ Film Commission everyone should feel a part of this ad. Cramming in scenes from numerous New Zealand movies, from Smash Palace to Sione’s wedding, there’s no way a Kiwi wouldn’t feel pride in the breadth and depth of our film industry. With a voiceover (possibly Sam Neil?) giving a heartfelt thank you for “…the journey, the challenge and letting us laugh at ourselves…the good times, the tough times, the beauty and the brutality” it’s a moment to take stock for what Kiwis are capable of. 

Who’s it for: 2degrees by DDB

Why we like it: 2degrees has got us thinking – clapping is a bit strange, right? And a standing ovation – even weirder. Why do we do it? Part of the Teleco’s ‘second nature’ campaign, driven by the insight that communication is second nature, this ad prods an interesting question, giving the audience something to mull over. We’re looking forward to seeing what other iterations we take for granted 2degrees will look into – waving perhaps?

Who’s it for: Instant Finance by Contagion

Why we like it: Always being grounded in reality can be a little boring which is why Instant’s Finance’s acrobatic hippopotamus, who performs a range of spins, slides and flips while ice skating, is a welcome respite. While some may miss Stacey Jones’ who used to front the ads this is quite the enjoyable performance from the unnamed hippo.

Who’s it for: Nova by Assignment

Why we like it: The Nova front man is back and this time he’s in the office, instead of on the street, with his usual humorous wordplay. While the rhyming from him and his co-worker are a little cheesy it’s effective and the audience will be waiting to see what the next pun will be next.

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