Ads of the Week: 1 August

Who’s it for: Volvo New Zealand by Republik

Why we like it: It’s nothing new to see a car ad that follows the vehicle through beautiful and epic scenery, however, it’s not often the locations are familiar to us. Volvo wanted to connect with New Zealanders and what better way to do that than visit some of their favourite spots. The smooth and poetic voice-over only adds to the appeal by highlighting the country’s majestic nature making it feel like an ad that’s as much about promoting New Zealand as it is about promoting Volvo.

Who’s it for: Arthrem by Iceberg

Why we like it: While scenes of people engaging in outdoor activities is nothing new local advertising, the acts of swimming, golfing and bike riding carry added weight in this spot because they show that things we often take for granted aren’t as easy for some people. The spot follows on from one earlier this year featuring Arthrem users talking to camera about how the product has changed their lives. However, this time it goes a step further by showing what’s possible with a little a joint support.  

Who’s it for: Slingshot by Track

Why we like it: Parents are typically perceived as less tech-savvy than their kids, but not in this spot, which sees ‘Super Broadband Dad’ using his power to outsmart his kids and leave them without the internet. If anything, this spot serves as a reminder that there’s no technology quite as powerful as the off button. 

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