Ads of the week: 5 November

Chuck out some inappropriate celebratory yodelling for NZ Avocado, KiwiPlates and Fix and Fogg.

Who is it for? Motion Sickness for NZ Avocado

Why we like it: As a Millenial who is terrible at budgeting, I am hard-pressed to dislike anything that showcases the Avocado. One of the most wholesome ads I have seen, the greenery and simple love for the fruit threw us into Summer so quick we got whiplash.

Who is it for? Eighty-One for Fix and Fogg

Why we like it: Nothing spurs a manhunt for a six-foot squirrel quite like the promise of free peanut butter. If I knew the new chocolate hazelnut butter and chocolate almond butter was up for grabs I would have been down there myself with a taser and a very large net.

Who is it for? Saatchi & Saatchi for KiwiPlates.

Why we like it: Battling our partners for plate naming rights is never an easy task. This spot highlights the difficulty of committing to a personalised plate when we all have different loves. Personally I would have gone with the Pug’s suggestion.

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