Adams and Spark pull out another pump fake for The Boroughs

Steven Adams’ entertaining teaser video ‘Secret Codes‘ for Spark’s mysterious basketball-related campaign clocked in with over 72,000 views—and all without any paid media support. Now he’s back for the second instalment, once again alongside Reggie Jackson, and it looks like he’s planning on doing something about the poor state of New Zealand’s outdoor courts *wink, wink*. 

Spark wouldn’t comment on what it’s all about, but it’s thought there’s an official launch planned for early next week. 

And in other Steven-Adams-being-used-for-promotional-purposes-news, he’s also been employed by Coca-Cola to launch a smaller 500m Powerade and features in a clip alongside a few All Blacks.

Original story: 17 October

Spark gave New Zealand a bit of tease before it launched its new ‘Never Stop Starting’ campaign with some unbranded billboards and digital ads. And there’s some more mystery afoot, with a teaser video featuring Kiwi NBA star Steven Adams being released last night. 

Spark isn’t talking about what it’s for. But there’s a clue on Adams’ Facebook page with a reference to #theboroughs, a term the Knicks have embraced in the past.

Spark canned its All Blacks sponsorship last year in favour of moving its money into areas where there was a bit more clear air. And at the time Kellie Nathan, who’s now at Pumpkin Patch, said: “For Telecom, the All Blacks sponsorship didn’t work. We didn’t feature strongly enough in our tracking as an All Blacks sponsor to get the attribution we needed to justify the investment. There are so many others involved who have done a lot of work to build up a presence. So rather than be one of many, we said ‘let’s own something and develop it from the grassroots up’.”

It’s also trying to connect with a younger demographic, particularly in Auckland, and create experiences rather than just ads, as evidenced by the launch of Spark Lab. Basketball is a good fit for both of those goals. And Steven Adams is awesome, as the video (which features NBA branding) shows. So leave your suggestions as to what they’re up to on the comment wall and, just like our last Spark-related competition, the first to answer correctly will receive a copy of yesterday’s Herald and the leftover 70g packet of Wattie’s Spicy Pumpkin Squeeze and Stir soup we forgot to send out. 

As one StopPress commenter noted on the last Spark tease: “Teaser campaigns are like wetting yourself in a dark suit. You get a nice warm feeling (briefly) but no-one else notices.” 

But it helps if you’ve got a celebrity endorsement, because so far it’s had 47,000 views on YouTube. 

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