Abandoned dogs share message to protect animals

France’s 30 Millions d’Amis Foundation is trying to educate younger generations to respect all forms of life in a heart-wrenching campaign about abandoning dogs. 

One of two videos is split into two halves, with the first time it’s told a happy story of a man discovering an abandoned dog and bringing it home to his wife and child. However, when played in reverse, we learn the man actually takes the dog away from his family and abandons it in the forest.

In a similarly gloomy tone, the other video watches as a man is rushed to hospital after crashing his car. His dog, remains by his side throughout the ordeal, pulling him to safety from the burning wreckage and jumping up to the hospital bed when the man wakes. However, it’s later learned the reason the dog was at the crash is because the man had abandoned him in a forest and driven off. The dog followed.

The campaign was initially released during France’s summer last year, following the summer of 2015 during which the number of pet owners abandoning their pets rose 22 percent to reach 2,623 abandoned animals according to The Local.

The campaign was rereleased on the charity’s YouTube channel earlier this month for another round of message sharing over summer. The videos have since racked up millions of views.

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