AA Health Insurance reminds Kiwis that health is all that really matters

Illness is in many ways a great equaliser among humans. Regardless of our ambitions, the size of our bank accounts or the number of sit-ups we can do, a bout of a series disease is always a reminder that we are all simply biological entities at the mercy of our internal organs. 

Using this as its premise, Rainger & Rolfe has developed a new heartfelt campaign showing a husband driving home after a visit to the doctor. From the moment the doctor hands over a sealed envelope, the tension is clear in the concerned strain on the husband’s face.

However, when he arrives home, his wife opens the envelope and the tension is immediately broken and the phrase ‘Your health is everything’ appears on screen, urging viewers to take action before it’s too late.

 Rainger & Rolfe managing partner Ant Rainger says that it was important for the campaign to resonate with the audience on an emotional level. 

“Ultimately, a fantastic script, great acting, beautiful production and a powerful, acoustic Greg Johnson track is how we’ve created the magic,” Rainger says.

The team at Rainger & Rolfe worked with Film Construction and Aeroplane to bring the creative to life. And although the narrative in this instance was born out of the creativity of the team, the insight on the all-importance of health is familiar in the health insurance industry, with HBF also basing its UK-based campaign on this premise earlier this year.        

The AA Health campaign, which also serves to launch the brand, rolled out on Sunday night and will be rolled across a range of media channels, with the creative execution also being reflected in shorter retail ads.  

While AA has been around for 113 years, AA Health is the youngest brand in the organisation’s portfolio, and brand general manager Dougal Swift says that it was important for the launch campaign to address the issue of under-insurance among Kiwis. 

“We know from our research that many New Zealanders are woefully under-insured when it comes to their health and it’s a concern for them,” Swift says.

“It’s why we have partnered with NIB, one of Australasia’s leading health providers, to launch this significant new business line where we believe – and say – ‘your health is everything’. Whether people need simple, everyday health cover or something more comprehensive, our new AA Health product range provides an answer.”


  • AA Health: Dougal Swift, Chris Dunn
  • Rainger & Rolfe: Ant Rainger, Jen Rolfe, Angela Budd, Quentin Pfistzer, Jo Pfistzer, Peter Mayo, Lauren Proud. 
  • Film Construction: Perry Bradley, Valentine Taylor, Renaud Maire, Jonathan Venz, Pete Richie
  • Starcom: Al Jamieson, Bridget Soljan.
  • Aeroplane Music and Songbroker: Jan Hellgriel and Greg Johnson.

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