7 Days returns: the feud, the ratings and the horizon

Friday night show 7 Days is back on deck this week, and familiar comedy bastions Jeremy Corbett, Paul Ego and Dai Henwood have gone head to head to build up its return. 

MediaWorks has recently released a series of videos showcasing a humorous stoush between team leaders Ego and Henwood while Corbett plays host in the middle of the two counterparts. Although it is mere hype and differs from the content within the show itself, the campaign has generated welcomed anticipation for its first show in the new year.

7 Days is a long-standing Friday night show for Kiwis, who seem to love the recipe of news parody, comedy and satire. These themes are coupled with a range of fresh local comedians and notable guests who are cajoled into populating the show.

Each show puts emphasis on keeping a fresh line up, and it has the ability to rotate between approximately 40 comedians who can be selected for episode line-ups. Additionally, emerging talent and the cream of the comedic crop is nurtured and developed during faux shows which are run monthly at the comedy bar in Auckland.  

7 Days producer Rob Brown says 7 Days is in its tenth season now, stretching over “nine glorious years”.

“We feel blessed to have such loyal support from NZ On Air, and the fans of the show. We really do have the best job in television and we don’t take that for granted.”

According to Nielson figures, 7 Days won its timeslot in 2017, accumulating an average of 259,653 people aged between 25-54 (13.4 percent).  

It ranks as a top performer for Three and ranks MediaWorks’ fifth highest watched show. The yearly total audience is 1,159,184 people aged 25-54 (59.8 percent).

While the 7 Days team appears fairly content with its progress, the production team is looking to evolve its format, with games developed, debuted, dropped or adapted.  

Its annual highlight is kicking off the New Zealand international comedy festival at Q Theatre, where this year it will celebrate the 300th episode in late October.  

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