2degrees makes a cameo in Skinny Mobile ad

If there’s one thing that the US presidential election taught us, it’s that speaking about your competition (even if you have a very compelling argument) probably isn’t a good idea.

With this in mind, it’s somewhat surprising that Skinny Mobile would reference the 2degrees Christmas campaign in a new advertisement, recently seen at the Spark offices, saying: “Don’t waste your time hunting for 2degrees’ data”.

Skinny certainly does have a compelling offer in the shape of “free data weekends for three months”, which comes with the added benefit of not requiring customers to do anything for it.

However, to make this point while naming one of Spark’s main competitors does seem a bit odd—especially since keeping attention away from the 2degrees campaign is in the best interests of both Spark and Skinny, given that even non-2degrees subscribers can download and use the Data Hunt app.

Skinny brand manager Ally Young says this particular execution is limited to the Spark Atrium and isn’t part of the company’s above-the-line communications. 

“2degrees as part of their game had dropped a pin there, so we had 2degrees game players coming into our space,” Young says.  “We felt this was a great opportunity to get the attention of these guys, and present them with our great offer.” 

Still, this ad could inadvertently help to pique curiosity among Kiwis who are not yet not familiar with the 2degrees campaign.

2degrees marketing director Roy Ong certainly sees things this way.

“While it’s the ultimate compliment that others are trying to leverage our campaign the great thing about Data Hunt is that it’s not just about the data, it’s about enabling a ground breaking and innovative customer experience,” Ong says.

“Kiwis who are data hunting, all 67,000 of them (and growing), obviously agree.”

Ong says that the Data Hunt app already tops the Apple and Google Play Stores in terms of downloads and he expects it to continue growing as the campaign evolves over the summer months.

“There were over 45,000 unique hunting sessions alone [last] weekend,” he says.

“What is remarkable is that we are only one week into Data Hunting season – it will run through the summer period as we give away over 200 million megabytes of data – and based on our current run rate we are not sure where this thing could end up.”  


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