2degrees edges closer to its rivals

It seems more and more mates are joining Bruce. 2degrees has announced a larger than expected growth, providing mobile services to 875,656 New Zealanders now, after two and a half years in the market. Included in this are more than 275,000 customers who brought their existing mobile numbers with them.


Rhys Darby launches 2degrees business

2degrees’ chief executive Eric Hertz says it’s the launch into business services, and products such as the $149 plan and CarryOver Minutes that are behind the company’s success. So where are they defecting from? The NBR says they are mainly ex Telecom, which has posted the massive loss of 95,000 customers in one quarter, followed by Vodafone, reportedly down 50,000 in six months according to their most recent customer number updates.

The team at 2degrees has also grown – to more than 545 humans, with the most expansion in customer service and sales staff.

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In the year ahead, 2degrees hopes to poach even more customers with the promise of more plans like the recently announced $19 Data Combo, the $149 plan, and CarryOver Minutes. Of course, having national treasure Rhys Darby as brand ambassador, starring in some of the funniest ads around won’t do any harm either. Check out the latest Darbulous effort above.


Vodafone: 2,434,000
Telecom:  2,079,000
2degrees: 875,656
MVNOs: 50,000

The numbers clearly show a large number of the population have more than one mobile phone account and/or data devices with SIM cards.

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