New 2015 Cricket World Cup logo forms Kiwi and Aussie cultural mash-up

As the 2011 World Cup in Mumbai drew to a close recently, the design for the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup logo was unveiled, revealing cultural references that pay homage to New Zealand and Australia, who will be co-hosting the event.

The 2011 World Cup design was created by Australian creative firm Witekite and the Aussies are at it again for the 2015 brand reveal, with global branding firm FutureBrand Australia appointed by the International Cricket Council after what was a competitive international pitch process late last year.

In the first stage of a partnership that will lead up to the event in 2015, FutureBrand positioned the event as cricket’s toughest competition in “the world’s toughest back yard” and developed a new identity that will be progressively revealed over the next few years.

FutureBrand is an old hand when it comes to sports branding, having in the past worked on the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, the Melbourne Commonwealth Games, the AFL and Cricket Australia.

“Our team’s experience has allowed us to tackle the specific challenges of branding a sport event: how to involve local and international audiences, passionate and occasional fans, as well as how to build momentum over the long period of time separating us from the actual event,” says FutureBrand’s managing director Erminio Putignano.

New Zealand and Australia are of course famed rivals, but the new logo does a good job of meshing indigenous elements from both countries to create a unified logo, the colours of which look to be in close keeping with the 2011 effort.






To reflect the richness and authenticity of the local cultures, FutureBrand collaborated with the Australian indigenous strategy and design company Jumbana Group on the use of cultural motifs including the Maori Tohora (symbolising toughness, pride and tribal culture) and Aboriginal journey tracks (symbolising the spirit of the land). In developing the Maori side, the group worked with Randal Leach, a Maori artist and teacher the group has worked with extensively in the past to develop Maori symbols in design.

“It has been a fascinating challenge to consider what our two countries share, and how to best express those similarities into a brandmark,” says creative director of FutureBrand, Ken Shadbolt. “More than just a symbol of cricket, we wanted to create an expression of the Australian and New Zealand culture that highlights to the millions of international cricket fans the unique flavour that will characterise the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015.”

FutureBrand is currently further developing the wider identity system that will inform every touch point of the brand, including venue dressing, the broadcast look, communications, uniforms and merchandise across both countries.

And here’s the brand reveal TVC.

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