2021 Pressies: Call for entries

The Pressies is now in its fourth year and if 2021 has taught us anything, it’s the profound effect social media and PR has in and around our community. 

Covid-19’s appearance meant most of the nation’s advertisers had to pivot from traditional platforms to the online landscape. As a result, there will be plenty of marketing brilliance up for judging at this year’s Pressies. 

All gold winners will be eligible for the Grand Prix. This award is given to the campaign that achieved the best results and is considered to be the best example of PRES by the panel of executive judges. 

The 2021 categories are:

Best Use of Media Relations

Judges will look for a clear strategy, the ‘hook’ and effective execution.

Best Sponsorship or Media Partnership

The sponsorship or partnership should be a core component of the campaign, and demonstrate how it was critical to the success of the overall campaign.

Best Public Affairs or Stakeholder Management Campaign

Judges will look for clever use of insights and research, and evidence of how and why stakeholders were successfully influenced.

Best Use of Social Media

Judges will look for creativity, innovation, sound communication and data and metrics.

Best Influencer Marketing Campaign

Judges will look for evidence of what the business challenge was and how it was approached using insights.

Best Experiential or Event Campaign

Judges will look for evidence that the experience was the central component of the campaign. 

Best Sampling or Retail Activations

Sampling must be the key aspect of this campaign, but judges will also be looking how the campaign integrates and leverages other media channels for amplification. 

Best Community Management Impact

Campaigns will need to show that they have delivered engagement, sentiment change or a positive impact on objectives for the business or community organisation. 

Most Innovative Campaign

The judges will look for disruptive thinking, revolutionary ideas and forward-thinking techniques.

Best Integrated Campaign

Entrants will need to show that each channel or activity was deliberately selected to enhance the idea and that the core strategic and creative thinking was adapted appropriately for each channel.

Best Strategic Thinking

The winning campaign will need to demonstrate the thinking process, highlight a clear strategic direction and how this directly contributed to the results. 

Bravest Client

Judges will look for evidence of how client bravery bought these campaigns to life. 

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