10 year anniversary of Facebook Groups

As Facebook celebrates the 10-year anniversary of Facebook Groups, the social networking site has announced a number of new admin tools and engagement features.

One of these, Admin Assist, will let admins and moderators set rules so that Facebook can help moderate posts in the group for them.

This means admins can decline posts with certain keywords or from people who haven’t been in the group long, or whose posts have been reported in the past. 

Another is Chats, where people can create and join real-time conversations within a group, and Prompts, where people can start conversations with a new type of collaborative post, share photos about a specific topic and swipe through everyone’s responses.  

Facebook will also begin testing a host of new features over the coming months that continue to make the Facebook app a more community-focused experience.

These features will be powered by a new Public Groups experience, which make it easier for people to discover the conversations happening across public groups on topics such as trends, hobbies and humour.

It will also make it easier for everyone to discover new conversations, learn about diverse perspectives and engage in discussions with others from different backgrounds and life experiences.  

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