Simon Vicars and Andre Sallowicz depart Colenso BBDO for London

As Levi Slavin and Dan Wright return to Colenso BBDO, Simon Vicars and Andre Sallowicz announce they’re heading off. 

Vicars and Sallowicz, who held the roles of creative group head and senior art director respectively, will head to London where they will take up positions at Adam & Eve DDB. 

“When great people leave it’s hard to watch them go,” says creative chairman Nick Worthington, who has also just signed on with the agency for another three years.

“But when great people leave to work with some of the best companies in the world, to gain invaluable experience, garner knowledge, grow in confidence and produce great work, and we know that one day they may bring those new-found skills back to us here at 100 College Hill, it’s worth it; it makes us a better agency. That’s what’s happened with Levi and Dan, and we hope it will happen in a couple of years with Simon and Andre.”

As reported earlier on StopPress, Slavin will return as chief creative officer at Colenso for his third stint at the agency after departing in 2014 to work at New York-based Anomaly.

Wright will return as a newly promoted executive creative director after departing last year to work as senior creative director at BBDO New York. 

Both Slavin and Wright will be joining Nick Worthington, Steve Cochran and Wayne Pick as the leaders of the agency’s creative function.

“The guys coming home is so exciting. They’ll take us to the next level,” says managing director Scott Coldham.

“We don’t ever want to stand still as a business and these two bring a level of brilliance and experience that will certainly ensure we’re continuing to do our best work in an ever-changing landscape. We’re blessed in this part of the world with our ability to make amazing work with more ease than the larger markets, but in many ways the US is light-years ahead of us – so their exposure and experience up there will definitely benefit our approach to the work.”

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