Discussion: AI and the future of shoppable content

How will the rise of AI change the way in which people shop online and brands connect with consumers?

Come along to NZ Marketing magazine’s Future of Retail Marketing Conference on June 8 at Auckland’s The Cloud to find out.

From social media posts, video ads and website articles to e-commerce magazine integrations, shoppable content has revolutionised the way businesses and consumers interact on digital platforms. Adapting and leaning into this change and experimenting with new advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential for brands to reap huge rewards in e-commerce.

The AI sector has seen a surge of innovation in recent times, opening up new opportunities in various industries. Retail in particular is experiencing a remarkable shift due to these advancements, transforming the shopping experience for both shoppers and retailers. From visual search capabilities and chatbots to personalised AI-generated content and predictive analytics driving decision-making, there’s plenty for marketers to get excited about.

Social media platforms such as Meta are exploring ways to better integrate AI and automation technologies into their offerings, allowing advertisers to better target shoppers and for shoppers to discover and make seamless purchases. Working in the retail space, Spark NZ is using machine learning and AI to predict who needs what service or product with 80 percent accuracy, enabling personalised targeting and significant conversion rate boosts. 

By analysing data on customer behaviour and product information, AI algorithms can generate content that is tailored to the specific interests of each customer. This can include personalised product recommendations, targeted email campaigns, and even website content that is customised for each individual customer. At the same time AI-generated content in e-commerce has the ability to increase the efficiency of marketing and sales efforts. AI algorithms can generate content at a much faster rate than human content creators, which can help to reduce the time and resources required to create and distribute content.

For companies looking to capitalise on this industry shift to improve their customer experience, it’s essential to understand some key considerations and marketing tools that still deliver a human touch.

In this panel discussion we’ll chat to AI developers and service providers, retailers using AI technology and a brand expert about the benefits and pitfalls for retail marketers and how they can best leverage the technology to offer better CX and greater conversion.

Meet the panel

Nick Houldsworth, Board Chair at Ambit.
Matt Bain, Marketing Director at Spark.
Spencer Bailey, Head of New Zealand at Meta New Zealand.
Connor Archbold, Co-founder of Tracksuit.
Hayley Burrows, Head of Social at Dentsu Creative Aotearoa.

About the conference

The Future of Retail Marketing Conference is a full-day event that will bring together retailers and their marketing partners, key industry players and service providers to workshop future-facing marketing strategy that will help marketers better navigate the challenges faced by the industry in the short- to medium-term.

Within the context of challenging social and economic times, our expert line-up of marketers, creatives, strategists and media practitioners will unpack topics such as:

  • Revisiting retail marketing strategy in times of economic uncertainty;
  • Retail marketing in the metaverse;
  • The rise of AI and its implications for in-store and online CX;
  • Retail media: new channels and players to watch;
  • What customer retention and loyalty looks like in 2023;
  • Striving for excellence in FMCG marketing; and more… 

Get tickets

Visit the NZ Marketing website to download the day’s programme and purchase your tickets to the event happening next week.

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