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Uno Loco rediscovers the power of human connection

The global spend on digital marketing breaks new records every year and it has become hard to imagine any medium that might challenge this growth, writes Blair Glubb, chief executive and co-owner of event specialists, Uno Loco. So, imagine his surprise upon joining the event marketing industry and discovering that real life experiences are making a comeback. That old thing we just used to call life, is now a marketing trend, and it’s booming.

Localist’s Blair Glubb on why the NZ Post-backed directory isn’t flogging a dead horse

In the last edition of NZ Marketing magazine, BCG2’s planning director Abe Dew wrote something of an open letter to Localist and Yellow Local and put forward his views on why the ‘if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em’ corporate start-ups looked likely to fall into the same category as Telecom’s Ferrit. Not surprisingly, Localist chief executive Blair Glubb disagreed. He responds to some of the claims and outlines its plans for acceleration after what he says is a strong performance in the six months since launch.