Ads of the week: May 26

Community kindness, ANZ and uhh cows, this week’s round up of ads scream New Zealand.

Who is it for: Big Communications for Pioneer

Why we like it: Now maize isn’t the most exciting thing for most people, however for dairy farmers and cows its very important. Big Communications has done a great job of advertising maize by using Kiwi icon Al Brown and a quirky approach to feeding time. Even we felt like grazing on some maze.

Who is it for: TBWA FOR ANZ

Why we like it: For the majority of lockdown we have seen an abundance of bank campaigns offering their support to Kiwis, however many haven’t explained how they can help. Partnering with TBWA, ANZ’s latest campaign details the specifics of exactly how they can help through these difficult financial times and have supplied a selection of practical tools on their website.

Who is it for: Colenso BBDO for AMI

Why we like it: A fantastically executed campaign considering it was shot within lockdown. Each clip demonstrates kindness in a unique way and overall makes us proud to be Kiwi.

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