Ads of the week: March 3

High five the person on your right as we celebrate Health by Habit, AirNZ and Toyota Emirates.

Who is it for? Motion Sickness for Health by Habit
Why we like it: It’s quick, it’s colour full, it really made me want to stock up on supplements. Supplements aren’t always a sexy subject, but Motion Sickness manages to draw in attention and drag the eye till the very end.

Who is it for? Pitchblack for AirNZ
Why we like it: Finally a good AirNZ safety video. Massive congratulations to Pitchblack for creating something entertaining with a good resonating message. If I had to sit through another rap or Rachel Hunter saying “We have Ice Creeeems” one more time I was going to yeet myself out of the plane.

Who is it for? Saatchi & Saatchi for Toyota Emirates
Why we like it: The beautiful simplicity of stop motion filming tells a great story of Kiwi success, as well as this long-held partnership. Eight pieces is a great effort but one that is done carefully without feeling over saturated.

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