Ads of the week: December 10

Let us bellow out a hearty chortle for Scapegrace, Contagion, Sperm Positive and Women’s Refuge.

Who is it for? Contagion for Go Rentals
Why we like it: A strong visual campaign that tells a story in one go. Throwing out major summer feelings which is making these last two weeks go extremely slowly.

Who is it for? Scapegrace Gin
Why we like it: The ‘fake’ influencer campaign is very clever in a time where influencer marketing is very saturated. Scapegrace has used its ‘influencer kit’ and its Instagram focused target audience and made their own army.

Who is it for? DDB Groupe for Sperm Positive
Why we like it: A very well executed idea to move us towards a more progressive future. Read StopPress’s interview with the creatives of the campaign here.

Who is it for? Women’s Refuge by EightyOne
Why we like it: In today’s consumer landscape, the idea of buy-one-give-one is well established. EightyOne has taken that idea further for Women’s Refuge by asking New Zealanders to book an escape for those who can’t book one for themselves. We like the point of difference of this campaign and hope it makes people take notice of the issue that is family violence.

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